Parga & Lichnos


Lichnos is one of the most beloved beaches for the local people and the tourists. It’s a 1,3km sand beach with the imposingly rocks standing vertical at the left side and the olive grove at the right. The beach is located in a closed sheltered bay with medium depth waters. The orientation of the bay blocks the air streams so the deep blue waters are always calm, ideal for swimming.

Besides the natural beauty of the landscape, the bay’s sand is like rice makes it ideal for relaxation under the sun. Restaurants, taverns and super markets operate during the day allowing the customers to shop.  Sea cabs can travel you to Parga offering a breathtaking trip.

The beach is ideal for those who like sea sports and it really worth’s it to rent a canoe or a sea bike to visit the nearby small beaches or to enter the Aphrodite’s cave. For those who like to walk, Lichnos offers a pictorial path inside the Venetian olive grove where the trees age over 500 years old.


Parga is a small waterfront city about 68km far from Preveza and 40km far from Igoymenitsa. Located in northwest Greece, Parga is one of the most popular resorts for many decades.

Tourists from all over the world love Parga because  of its long aged history, the variety of natural beauties and the warm hospitality.

The glorious Venetian castle, the small island of Virgin Mary, the narrow pavement alleys and the traditional taverns give their special color to the exceptional landscape.
They call Parga paradise for hikers and swimmers. Find out why.